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Hello !

Thank you for playing the early Prototype of Passed Out !

Passed Out is a futuristic racing game mainly inspired by Star Wars: episode 1: Racer.

Speed, big maps, no weapons.

The current Build just offer a map where you can try out the basic gameplay.

The Sound and Music is still not implemented, It will come in a near future !

Be careful, this Prototype work only WITH A CONTROLLER !


[Xbox360 Controller]

(x) to Start your Engine

(a) for Boost

(Y) is Pause menu

RT for Acceleration

LT for Brake

LS for Turn


There is 3 different phases:

----Phase 1 -> Slow Speed, for very technical tracks

----Phase 2 -> Normal speed

----Phase 3 -> Super Fast, only for straight lines.

When you press the Boost Button (a):

----If you are in Phase 1:

You will switch into Phase 2

This switch is unlimited.

----If you are in Phase 2:

You can switch to Phase 3

You can go in Phase 3 only 3 times per lap.

Be wise when you choose to use the Phase 3 !!!

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Published181 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsFuturistic, podracer, prototype, Racing


PASSED_OUT_Prototype (212 MB)
passed-out-osx.zip (215 MB)


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